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Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar
Build Your Own Pup Collar

Build Your Own Pup Collar

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Choose your own fabric and buckle colours!



IMPORTANT - Below there is a form to fill out. Please send this information to me after purchasing and within 3 days.

It can be left in the shipping notes or sent to me via this link:


Order number -

Neck Size - 

Fabric Colour - (Refer to picture 2)

Ribbon Centre Colour - (If desired)

Stitching pattern - (If desired, refer to picture 3)


Gold buckles will come with gold d rings and hardware.
Silver buckles will come with silver d rings and silver hardware.
Plastic buckles will come with matching hardware and silver d rings. If you would like gold d rings, please contact me before purchase.

Please choose one colour from the second picture. This colour will make up the base of your collar.
If you change your mind about the colour fabric you want, you need to let me know within 3 days of purchase. After 3 days, your decision is final as your fabric needs to be purchased.
The fabric used will be a soft cotton. Please be aware that the colour you see on screen may not exactly match the colour of the actual fabric but it will be close.

I can also centre your collar with a ribbon colour of your choice (as seen in the last photo). Please choose from the list of colours below and leave this information in the shipping notes
A - Light Blue (Out of Stock)
B - Pink
C - White
D - Black
E - Wine Red
These colours will not cost you extra, if you would like a different colour, please contact me first.

If you would like embroidery in the centre of your collar, please message me with the number of which one (from the last image) and a thread colour.
I can also add letters to your collar which will be sewn next to the d-rind if you request. Just leave the word or phrase you would like and a thread colour in the shipping notes. Make sure you keep it short or you may not be able to see the entire word or phrase if it is too long.
You cannot have a ribbon centre and embroidery as it doesn’t really end up nice.

It already has webbing installed so you will not have to purchase any.

It is 1 inch thick but the buckle is slightly wider.

Pup collars are fully adjustable between approximately 4 inches but I do still need to know your neck size.

Please be very careful when closing the buckle as it may catch the skin on your neck.


Do not purchase if you are under 18 years of age.
If your size is not listed, please message me before purchase.
Actual colours may appear different from the computer screen.
Charms are not included unless stated otherwise.