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Mystery Pup Collar
Mystery Pup Collar
Mystery Pup Collar

Mystery Pup Collar

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This is perfect if you're having trouble deciding which collar to buy or what colours to get. 

You will receive one pup collar which will be made at random by me. It may include patterned fabrics or plain fabrics. It may be a totally unique theme or it may be something already from my store*. 
Feel free to let me know which colours you like or dislike as I will take this into consideration. 

Please be aware that I will NOT provide a refund/exchange/replacement for these collars if you do not like the colour combinations or decorations.


Do not purchase if you are under 18 years of age.
If your size is not listed, please message me before purchase. 
Actual colours may appear different from the computer screen.
Tug proof - however, I recommend purchasing webbing for rougher use.
Charms are not included unless stated otherwise.

* If you order a mystery collar and then request specific collar from my store, you will not receive that collar