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Custom Pup Collar Information

This listing outlines the procedure for requesting a custom for pup collars. 
Please read this entire listing before submitting a request.

Below we will provide you a form to fill out to request a custom. This form MUST be sent to us via the contact form below.
If we do not reply within 3 business days, feel free to 'bump' the message. 
Below the request form, we will go into more detail but please don't hesitate to message us if you have questions.



Social Media Username: (This will be used to tag you in any posts I make about your custom and is entirely optional) 

Country the collar will be shipped to:

Buckle colour: 

Fabric Request: 

Stitching colour: (optional)

Any charms or add ons you might like:


You may request any colour buckle (including metal colours) you have seen in our store before, or a new colour.
We may need to custom order in some buckles, resulting in a longer processing time.


This is the colour of the thread used for your collar. If you don't want any specific colour, we will either match it to your buckle or to the fabric.

This may be a description of a fabric, a link to a fabric or a picture of a fabric etc. 
Please have a fabric in mind before submitting a request.
If you wish to send us fabric, please state this clearly. 
The fabric must be:
- a least 120x20cm in size
- a non-stretch cotton, drill or cotton blend (I can also work with velvets)
- Pup collars are 1 inch (or 2.5cm wide) so please choose a fabric with this in mind.
- If we need to custom order in you fabric, this will result in a longer processing time. You will be responsible for all costs including fabric and shipping costs.


Once you have submitted your request, we will reply to discuss further.
If you would like to send us fabric or have a link to a fabric, we will more than likely accept your request (provided the site ships to Australia and you are willing to pay).
Once this is discussed, we will give you a quote and set up a custom listing. This listing must be purchased within 7 days and no materials will be ordered until you pay.

Pup collars usually cost $26aud before shipping. This price may increase or decrease depending on fabric choice and buckle choice. 

You will be responsible for all costs and shipping fees.
Once we have purchased the fabric, you cannot change unless you are willing to pay for more. If we have started making your collar, we cannot change anything.
If you buy the fabric and send it to us, you can choose to have the leftover sent back to you.
We reserve the right to reject any custom request for any reason, however, it will more than likely be due to being unable to find specific fabrics or supplies. 

Pup collars automatically have webbing installed so you will not have to purchase any. 
Pup collars are fully adjustable between approximately 4 inches but we do still need to know your neck size to make sure that it fits you perfectly.